Lace TopGrip Topper Band by Milano

The New Lace TopGrip (patent-pending) is made exclusively for larger base toppers. Our specially-patented blend of absorbent fibers make the Lace TopGrip a comfortable, gentle secure method for all midsize to ¾ sized lace toppers, 8" x 8" or larger.

Safely secure your topper while protecting your natural hair from damage. This revolutionary TopGrip reduces or eliminates the need for clips and combs, tape, or glues. It’s the perfect damage-free secure method solution to secure your topper, wiglets, and hair pieces. This grip comes in two shades to match almost all skin tones and hair tones: nude and brown.

The Lace TopGrip has reinforced undetectable, durable, Swiss lace

Can be worn with most toppers and matches any skin tone

Soft designed velour to create a secure grip

Allows comfortable wear with a secure fit
Reduces or eliminates the use of adhesives, tapes, and glues
Adjust the clips or ribbon depending on the size of the topper and position of the clips

Reduces and/or eliminates topper-related tensions from traditional clips and combs

Eliminates headaches, tension, and further balding
Protects your natural hair from damage with a soft patented velour material

This product is non-returnable for sanitary reasons.

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